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Language Revitalization

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We are proud to be working to revitalize our Déne language through opportunities to learn and share our culture and history using our traditional language.

Making Bannock

Let’s make some delicious bannock and learn some Dene along the way!

k’aitélé denesųłiné yatié ɂá erihtł’ís k’ayasti ha – Denesułıné Reader K’ai Taile

We are excited to announce the launch of k’aitélé denesųłiné yatié ɂá erihtł’ís k’ayasti ha, the Fort Chipewyan Denesųłiné Reader!

This marks the first reader we have created in the k’aitélé dialect. Preserving, practicing and celebrating our language is an integral part of our culture, history and identity, and this project is an accessible way to showcase and share it. We are very proud to present this project to our Members as we work collaboratively to ensure future generations have the opportunity to share, learn and speak our traditional language.

We want to thank Janette Jones-Flett, Yvonne Mercredi, Lilly Marcel, and Josh Holden as well ACFN Youth Justis Voyageur, the ACFN Youth who designed the reader.

~ Chief Allan Adam, ACFN

Learn Dene with us!

One of the easiest ways to learn a new language is to find something you know in English and then learn the word in Dene!