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Emma Voyageur


Emma Voyageur

ACFN youth, Emma Voyageur, was born and raised in Fort Chipewyan.

Emma creates digital art and has been doing so for about five years. She’s always been creative. As a child she was always painting. “I have always painted and always enjoyed it,” she says, “I knew at 10 years old that my career was going to be in painting.”

And now, years later, she’s fulfilling those dreams. “I am excited to give back and create art and share it with our community.”

Some of Emma’s past projects include a school mural when she was 15, and she worked with Keyano in Fort Chipewyan for an art project which resulted in a large piece for the K’ai Tailé Market. She is a youth representative for ACFN and a part of the Treaty 8 Youth Council. Her role in the council is to set an example for Indigenous youth and support them in any way she can.

Emma has recently been awarded an exciting clothing project to produce digital imaging for a local college. She also currently sells her art to schools and independently to anyone who is interested.

Emma loves doing artwork and making ideas come alive. She enjoys helping people and spreading awareness on Indigenous topics. She shared, “I like making people think of the artwork, making them feel emotions from the work; I like moving people with my artwork”.

To other ACFN youth, Emma offers this encouragement, “Follow your dreams if you aspire to do art for a living.” Her goal for university is to expand her knowledge and to bring that awareness home to her community.

Emma would like to thank ACFN for all the opportunities they have provided and for how much the Nation gives to and supports youth.

If you have a project in mind that Emma can create for you, she is available to do projects and has existing art pieces for sale. Contact us for more info.