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ACFN Employment and Training Application Form

Please read and review the following carefully.

  1. You must meet the following criteria to register with our office: 
    • Be an ACFN member 
    • Be unemployed or underemployed for training requests 
    • Provide a minimum of 6 weeks in advance for any training requests 
    • Provide a minimum of 4 months in advance for educational requests or technical training 
    • Complete the educational and technical training within a 12-month timeframe  
  2. If you meet the above criteria, you then need to fill out a registration form and provide status verification to our office (registration form attached).  
  3. Once we have received your registration, correspondence from the institution (including the financial costs and breakdown), status verification and letters from other sources denying funding (if applicable) we will begin to process your registration.  
  4. When your registration is finalized and processed, we will contact you to inform you if you are approved or denied.  Requests of a substantial amount for educational and technical training must be brought for final approval to the Chief and Council and by recommendation of the ISETS Coordinator.  
  5. Upon approval, a meeting or phone interview will be conducted with the ISETS Coordinator to discuss the details of the program and/or training and you will be provided with the applicable information to start.  
  6. By signing this agreement and initialing the following document you agree to complete and pass the program and/or training or you will reimburse ACFN for the total costs incurred should you withdraw, get terminated, quit, do not pass or do not complete the program and/or training. You will should this occur be blacklisted from entering into any other programs and training in the future until such time that the monies have been recovered to ACFN in full.  


  • We do not pay for union dues or fees unless we have included this in our training programs.
  • The ISETS program does not pay for registration and deposits.
  • Funding is based on fiscal allocations and all applications are considered unless there are budgetary restraints due to lack of funding.
  • All new applicants (members who have never had previous funding) will be considered first priority as ACFN Education and Training Department would like to ensure fairness for all our members and equal opportunities. 

ACFN Employment and Training Department
Box 366 Fort Chipewyan, AB T0P 1B0 | T: 780.697.3730 | F: 780.697.3500
employment@acfn.com | acfn.com